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Study Hotel Management And Culinary Arts in Australia

Study Hotel Management And Culinary Arts in Australia

Why Study in Australia?Australia is the third most popular country at present for international students in the English-speaking world, behind the USA and the UK.

Many international students choose to research there due to ethnic diversity, friendly natives, and high quality of schooling.
Australia is one of the best places to live and study. In Australia, a high standard of living and education is offered at a reasonable price compared to other Western countries. And Australia is ranked second best to live in the United Nations Development Programme. These rankings are based on life expectancy, school enrollment rate, and income. In this program, the United States is ranked 13th, and the United Kingdom is 21st. Besides, Australia has Six of the top 100 universities in the World University Rankings.
Australia Ranked 8th in U21 National Higher Education System.

Programmes we will talk about

We will talk about two of the Programs to study in Australia and their top institutes along with information including IELTS, scholarship program, their fees and course respectively.

What is Culinary Arts

Professional chefs are usually needed to get formal training in the undergraduate degree. Many elect to go into a culinary arts associate or bachelor’s degree program to acquire practical, career-focused training to get a range of potential professions in the cooking market. Two-year associate-level programs teach culinary staples such as food handling, kitchen safety, and menu preparation. In contrast, pupils in academic bachelor’s degree programs understand how to cook an assortment of dishes and might have the chance to complete internships. For the two programs, hands-on coaching is an essential component.
Applicants to these programs are needed to have a high school degree or the equivalent. Based upon the app level, pupils might want to have formal cooking experience or complete an evaluation test to show their understanding of culinary arts.

Top Universities for Culinary Arts:


Duration 3 Years
Fees for International Students 15,790 EUR/year
Fees for Australian Students 13,844 EUR/year
Admission Months February,June,September

TOEFL / IELTS are Required

Scholarship  Available 

National Louis University

Fees for International Students $45,000 USD/year
Fees for Australian Students $35,744 USD/year
Admission Months March,July,September

 TOEFL / IELTS are Required

Scholarship  Available 

 Hotel ManageMent

A career in resorts means you won’t ever be bored. You may create goods — be it food, beverages or an adventure — and it opens doors into functioning in each state of the world. Earn the proper credentials by means of this bachelor of organization, work hard and use your initiative, and shortly you’ll end up in a mature position, handling individuals and exciting jobs.

The Leura campus functions as a simulated resort, where pupils are both staff and guests. This provides undergraduate resort and hotel management students with the exceptional opportunity to put theoretical knowledge to practice. From guest connections, front office management, beverage and food into housekeeping and property administration. Pupils gain hands-on knowledge in all elements of day-to-day surgeries.

Top Universities for Hotel Management :

The following are some of the top universities to study for hotel management in Australia to brighten your future.


Time Duration 2.5 Years
Admission Months January,April,July,October
Fees for International Students 14,900  AUD
Fees for Australian Students 14,500  AUD

TOEFL / IELTS are Required

Scholarship  Available 

 Griffith University

Duration 3Years / 6Years
Type Full-Time / Part-Time
Fees for International Students $11,155  AUD
Fees for AustralianStudents $10135  AUD

TOEFL / IELTS are Required

Available without IELTS & TOEFLS

Scholarship  Available 


Bond University

Duration 2 Years
Fees for International Students $20,040 AUD
Fees for Australian Students $17,560 AUD
Admission Months January,May,September


TOEFL / IELTS is Required


University of Queensland

Duration 3 Years
Fees for International Students $42,272 AUD
Fees for Australian Students $11,020 AUD
Admission Month October,November,December

TOEFL / IELTS are Required

Scholarship  Available 

The Hotel School

Durations 3 Years
Admission Months February,June,November
Fees for International Students $3,450 AUD
Fees for Australian Students $2,850 AUD

 TOEFL & IELTS are Required

Scholarship available



Durations 3 Years
Admission Months February,June,November
Fees for International Students $77,260 AUD
Fees for Australian Students $83,564 AUD

TOEFL & IELTS are Required

Victoria University

Durations 2 Years
Admission Months February
Fees for International Students $8,400 AUD
Fees for Australian Students $1,669 AUD

Scholarship avail


Student Visa Demands

The student visa you require is dependent upon your program. Here are some common requirements:

  • Get an email Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE) certification.
  • Satisfy the Genuine Temporary Entrant requirement.
  • Prove you’ve got enough capital for airfares, class fees and living costs.
  • Meet health and character requirements.
  • Supply evidence of Overseas Student Health Cover


International Student Health Cover

Australia has a specific method of health cover for international pupils called Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). This can let you pay any medical or hospital care you may need when you’re studying here. It will also help insure most prescription drugs and extend your ambulance cover in emergencies.

You are going to need to get OSHC for yourself and any family member travelling with you, until you arrive in Australia. You ought to possess OSHC for the duration of your student loan. You may find more about OSHC cover, like where to purchase OSHC from


Top Seven Best Cities for Students for Living & Studying in Australia 

  • Melbourne
  • Sydney
  • Brisbane
  • Canberra
  • Adelaide
  • Perth
  • the Gold Coast

Discover how to become an Advanced, agile thinker

Australian universities, schools, and colleges are dedicated to equipping you with technical knowledge and skills that will assist you to succeed in your chosen business.

Australian universities, schools, and colleges are going to teach you the practical skills and theoretical understanding that will assist you to succeed in an real-world and stay nimble in uncertain times.

Study at internationally ranked institutions

Australia is setting global standards for excellence in schooling.

The Australian education industry includes world-leading education associations, premium training centers, and outstanding lecturers and student assistance services.

These businesses always rank Australian associations at the world’s best 100 universities year in, year out.

Australian associations offer an instruction designed to assist you to succeed in the global workforce. Australian eligibility will make you quite attractive to prospective companies in Australia, at home, and across the world.

Many Australian levels and vocational classes include

Work experience programs and internships so it is possible to acquire hands-on business experience and develop your professional network as you research. As soon as you finish your degree, you could also be qualified to remain and work in Australia.

While researching, you are able to work around 20 hours each week through the session and full time throughout the session break. This may be an excellent way to locate study-related work or just cover your lifestyle in Australia.

Australian institutions provide a massive selection of pupil support services that will assist you to settle into your new life in Australia. Education providers need to comply with stringent excellent management and government certification measures so that you can rest certain you’ll get only the very best service. In a number of towns and cities, you will find dedicated global student support centers, every offering practical advice, and support on topics including legal rights, job skills, and chances to meet and socialize with other local and global students.

Live and research in security

There are numerous options for lodging: you are able to reside in high-income student villages, homestays, personal rentals, share-houses or boarding college lodging.

Feel welcome at a multicultural society

Australia is a relaxing and friendly nation. Our state values individual liberty, as well as the rights of taxpayers and people, are protected beneath a clear legal system.

Did you understand nearly 30 percent of Australians are born abroad? It has made our nation abundant with nationalities and cultures from all around the world.

When you study in Australia, you may join over half a thousand international students from 192 nations who’ve been welcomed into the Australian lifestyle.

With an exceptional mix of flourishing cities and regional centers, huge open spaces, and breathtaking landscapes, it is no wonder Australia attracts individuals from all around the world.

The very first thing you’ll discover if you land in Australia is our new air and blue sky. We’ve got a very long history of protecting both the attractiveness and sustainability of the surroundings. The outcome? Clean and renewable cities and regional centers with lots of green spaces and comparatively low air contamination.

Our varied all-natural environment provides a selection of adventures — you can unwind on our golden beaches, venture into our national parks to view our distinctive plants and creatures, and explore the untamed outback.

Australian associations also put great importance on teaching pupils the value of sustainability and how to employ it in every area of industry.

Love a high quality of living

Australian towns have been consistently ranked as a number of the most sought after in the world. Our quality of schooling, health care, transportation, infrastructure, and administration services are rated well above global averages.

Australia is a technologically advanced nation with a strong, internationally competitive market. You may enjoy all of the advantages of high-quality services, transport, and infrastructure in our cities and towns.

Our educational institutions make pupils work-ready and know exactly what is necessary to be successful in the global workforce. Australian eligibility will cause you to be a really appealing potential employee to companies in Australia, at home, and across the world.

If You Choose to Remain in Australia

You might be qualified to undertake post-study performance to place your newly gained knowledge to utilize and obtain local work experience. Education providers and government bodies help connect students with prospective employers at career fairs, job hubs, occupation boards, and business networking events in each country and territory. The service, advice, and chances you get maybe a real benefit as you start your career.

If you’re thinking about staying in Australia and functioning following your current visa expires, then you ought to have a new visa. There are numerous alternatives, so figure out what is ideal for your circumstances.

In the event, you choose to locate a job abroad

Your Australian eligibility will make you an appealing worker to companies in the home and across the world. In most areas, an Australian qualification is recognized and approved by companies worldwide. Australian universities and schools have international networks and will assist you in making connections with companies abroad.

Permanent Residency After Graduation in Australia 

You could even use your Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485 to acquire a permanent residency later. This visa enables eligible foreign students to live and operate in Australia on a temporary foundation after finishing their studies for a couple of decades.

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