• 02 HD CCTV Cameras

    Rs. 12000

    Installation Free

    02 HD Brand Cameras
    01 DVR with 07 Days Backup
    02 Adopters for DVR & Cameras
    02 BNC Connectors
    01 CCTV Cable Coil
  • 08 HD CCTV Cameras

    Rs. 26000

    Installation Free

    08 HD Brand Cameras
    01 DVR with 07 Days Backup
    05 Adopters for DVR & Cameras
    08 BNC Connectors
    02 CCTV Cable Coil

CCTV Cameras Store in Faisalabad.

Mobile Club CCTV Cameras Store in Faisalabad providing best CCTV security systems for residences, homes, houses, shops, business, outlets, schools, institutions & departments in Faisalabad. We provide best handymen for CCTV security installation who are well aware of their routine work. Mobile Club provides a wide range of CCTV Security Cameras, Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) , Mobile DVRs, Network Video Recorders (NVRs) for IP cameras, XVRs, wireless and wifi security cameras, surveillance camera systems etc in Faisalabad with free installation of CCTV sets.
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  • Best HD CCTV Security Cameras.
  • Free Installation Services.
  • Best Plans & Packages.
  • In-time Installation and manpower provision.
  • 01 Year Grantee.
  • Cheapest Rates & Plan in Faisalabad

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